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PBO-OBS Global Group created one-of-a-kind Funding Services model, customized to meet the unique needs of companies and entrepreneurs across the globe.

We provide access to diverse sources of impact capital, vetting or due diligence services, business development and investment facilitation services to growing international companies. This includes term loans, equity investment, technical assistance grants, and other forms of non-traditional capital such as convertible debt, working capital lines of credit, and more.

Understanding Our Project Funding Services

PBO-OBS Global Group services go beyond simple application submission of your project to a Funding Group.

We initially assess your project carrying out a deep study and a Due Diligence using our experience to determine which of the Funding Investor Groups in our portfolio is more appropriate and could be interested in your project.  Accordingly, we then prepare a correct strategy and a targeted professional presentation approach for an Investor Group.  As we always relate to our Funding Investor Groups at executive level and have a fair notion of their expectations, project approval success is remarkably high.

After we have obtained the initial approval for your project, a thorough follow up is carried out, defending and highlighting the project's advantages to maintain and insure the Funding Investor Group's interest throughout the whole process until its completion.

This strategy and these high level services that we have developed with years of experience and hard work, although very time consuming have proven very valuable and successful to our Clients. 


PBO-OBS Global Group does not charge any upfront fees for its funding services. We work exclusively for a success fee.

However, in some cases, our associated third-party funding source may charge process fees and due diligence fees, which must be paid by the party requesting funding.

 Standard Funding Steps

Step One - Funding Group issues a Loan Approval LOI or a Term Sheet with terms and conditions outlined. Once the LOI or Term Sheet has been signed by the Client and the Funding Group, the Client must then settle the agreed deep dive Due-Diligence and Processing Fees with the Funding Group. 

Step Two - A deep dive Due-Diligence will be carried out by the Funding Group (to make sure that the application and documentation is in accordance with the established requirements) resulting in a full Funding Report, which will be presented to the Client before the final submission to the Funding Institution.

Step Three - Final application with a Funding Report is submitted to the pre-selected Funding Institution and the Loan Agreement is issued and sent to the Client.

Step Four - Once the Loan Agreement has been counter-signed by the Client, the Loan is released in accordance with the Agreement (as a Line of Credit or in agreed tranches). 

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