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PBO-OBS Global Group Certified Broker Team.





PBO Prime Business Office and OBS Oxford Business Services are a Global Joint Venture Group offering a portfolio of Professional Financial Services together with Professional Business Partners. 

We carry out investment preparation due diligence and only submit, follow and remain the primary contact for “shovel ready” project application.

Our Financial Services include

  • Project Funding

  • Corporate Loans

  • Debt Financing

  • Working Capital

  • Growth Capital  

  • Equity & Venture Capital 

  • Funding for Mergers & Acquisitions

We are two experienced companies that play a central role in all project phases. We are the trusted business partners of those offering these services as well as the Clients to whom we bring these services.

PBO-OBS Global Group welcomes broker.


PBO-OBS Global Group welcomes all serious brokers to submit any project to us for preview. We are open to considering commission agreement and potential referral fees for any project that is brought to us that gets funded.

We do however require that we work directly with your client.    

Business communication with us starts with a Broker Commission Agreement and an NCNDA between the Parties involved to ensure transparency and due process. Brokers and referrals are always protected, as we highly value these business relationships.

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