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PBO-OBS Global Group offer a portfolio of Professional Business and Financial Services together with a number of Professional Business Partners. These services include access to Project Funding, Corporate Loan, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Working Capital, Mergers & Acquisitions, Growth Capital and Capital Debt Refinancing. 

We provide a full range of business consulting services for all sizes of enterprises in all sectors of the global economy.  Our team can also help you to prepare a professional due diligence as a basis for seeking financing from Investors, Investment Funds, Private Equity Funds or Venture Capital Funds.

We will use our collective experience to find the right solution to your particular challenge and we will be there when you need us.

The Executive Team

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Offer Dischon is the founder and CEO of PBO-Prime Business Office and has extensive entrepreneurial experience advising international entrepreneurs to achieve the best possible commercial results. He has 40 years experience  within the International  Jewellery  Market  and

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the High-End Construction Industry, through which he has gained expertise in International Business and Commercial Strategy. This network of wealthy individuals has allowed him to build a reputation within finance and funding. Most of these projects require high level investment, where Offer Dischon has direct close relations at executive level with Private Investors, Private Funds, Financial Groups and Institutions. His portfolio of personal services include corporate loans, strategic M&A funding, project funding, debt financing, access to private equity and venture capital.

Offer Dischon 

President & CEO 

PBO - Prime Business Office

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Mariano Anthony Davies is the President and CEO of OBS-Oxford Business Services (HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark). He has a British university education (London and Oxford) and has worked internationally for more  than  35 years.  He was a  Partner  at KPMG


for 10 years working on global projects and at an executive level for British Chambers of Commerce for nearly 30 years. He was the Founding Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in Denmark, its President & CEO for a number of years and was also a member of the British Chambers of Europe Executive Management Board. In 2019 he was elected Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo and he now uses his experience and network to establish funding for the business community.  

Mariano Anthony Davies Ph.D.

President & CEO 

OBS - Oxford Business Services

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Solomon Ibragimov is the President & CEO of RSI Consulting Group, based in New York City and serves PBO-OBS Global Group clients all over the world. He is a serial entrepreneur with experience in the Energy, Information and Communication Technology sectors. 

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His company has the ability & teams of experts to bring insight and skills to any project - thus transforming business processes and strategies as stepping-stones to growth. This skill-set includes social media optimization for effective marketing and professional knowledge of brand awareness.

RSI stands for Rapid Sales Increase.

Solomon Ibragimov


PBO-OBS Global Group

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Lars Kann is Danish and has many years of international business experience.  He has been responsible for building and running Power Stations in the Far East, has  worked in  the  Music  Industry in  Sweden  and has solid experience  in  IT Strategy


and building Data Communication Systems.

All of this experience has given him unique insight into governance, risk and compliance, which is why he was appointed Compliance Officer at Oxford Business Services.  With the new and growing focus on personal data security and the constant challenge of cyber-crime, he is a very strategic member of the Executive Team – not only securing our internal compliance but also the compliance of our Business Partners.

Lars Kann

Compliance Officer

PBO-OBS Global Group  

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Dr. Michael Nicholas Mastoris is American and has a solid university background in biology and chemistry after which he also became a medical doctor attending the Medical School in Angers, France.


He is a serial entrepreneur including the development of the Deluge Thermal Hydraulic Engine. He designed and constructed Mastoris Professional Plaza where he opened Mast Pharmacy and Mastoris Cards and Gifts stores and also designed The Alstarz Sports Pub.

His focus over the last 10 years has been on green energy projects.

Dr. Michael Mastoris 

USA Executive

PBO-OBS Global Group  

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Ari is Finnish and has a strong executive and management level background with senior level local and international experience and cross sector business exposure in many infrastructure-based and environmental projects.

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Ari has worked over 16 years as a CEO, 15 years as an expatriate manager in Africa, Latin & North America, the UK, East-Europe.

A board professional in stock listed and private companies (The UK, Norway, Mexico, Finland & Estonia). B.Sc. Electric engineer, MBA , Certified Turnaround Management Consultant, Insolvency Consultant  and an IEEE Associate in Finland.

Ari Virtanen 

Nordic Region Executive

PBO-OBS Global Group  

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Renato Pereira is an Executive Business Partner within

PBO-OBS Global Group for South America. Mechanical engineer with more than 20 years’ experience in the Oil, Gas & Energy Industry with global exposure and several strategic management positions including Schlumberger and others at that level.

These positions have given him advanced skills in developing numerous innovative business solutions, which were recognised and rewarded with a US Patent Award.  This experience has also given him a solid executive network throughout the region.

Renato is responsible for developing our strategic client base in South America.

Renato Pereira

South America Executive

PBO-OBS Global Group  


Ricardo Alvarado has more than 30 years’ experience in development projects and international relations. Former Ambassador of Nicaragua to Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden. Dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Finland (2017-2020) and in Denmark (2007-2011).

Before diplomacy, he served in several executive positions, including Director of the Nicaraguan Institute for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Development, Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, National Director for the United Nations SME project.

Ph.D. in Chemistry (Physical Chemistry), Villanova University, U.S.A.; Fulbright Scholarship (1988-1992).

Ricardo Alvarado Ph.D.

Central America / LATM Executive

PBO-OBS Global Group  

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Gavin is from South Africa and has a tertiary educational background in mechanical engineering and agriculture.  He has 30 years of experience in the business sector – most recently working with ecosystems  commodity  trading  for plastics, carbon


and minerals. This involved establishing a sustainable development company, which specialises in sustainable project development and training in the fields of organic agriculture, agricultural village design & implementation, agricultural consultancy, small grower agricultural development, waste management and recycling project development.

Waste management and recycling are among Gavin’s core competences over the last 20 years in sync with the growing global focus on these areas.

Gavin Eichler

Southern Africa Executive

PBO-OBS Global Group  


Abraham is Indian and has an all-round business background with over twenty-five years’ experience in every facet of the Information Technology industry in positions such as managing Managers, IT Consultant and IT Program Implementation Teams.


He has extended professional consultancy work experience for 74 different Educational Institutions in the region for the National Educational Research and Development Program (an autonomous International Post-Secondary Non-Profit Statutory Education Agency.

Abraham has held senior management positions since 1997 and is the recipient of the Rajiv Gandhi Siramoni Award in Delhi.

Abraham Thomas 

Central Asia Executive

PBO-OBS Global Group  

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You can rely on PBO-OBS Global Advisory Group

Does your company need to make finance investment plans, seek an optimal capital structure or to leverage you financial and commercial potential ?

Being in the right place at the right time is not a matter of luck, but of preparation, vision and a good use of opportunities. 

PBO-OBS Global Advisory Group offers both cross-industry and cross-border business consulting services, when you need them and where you need them.

Our international team and global network will be activated as and when you need it. Your challenges will become our challenges as we work with you and bring fresh external professional eyes to your executive team.