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WPP Energy has developed a ground-breaking green hydrogen generator and a hydrogen-fired power generation system that produces environmentally friendly and low-cost energy using fuel from an inexhaustible source (water). This will help address the environmental, economic and social-cultural aspects of the challenge currently faced by the power generation industry all over the world.
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The innovative technology addresses the following salient points:
1. - The Power Generation System uses WPP’s innovative W2H2 green hydrogen generator to convert fresh water (including desalinated seawater) into green hydrogen fuel for use at a power plant. The W2H2 green hydrogen generator consists of a multi-stage system that generates hydrogen gas by using these instruments in the following order: a magnetic field, a resonance frequency field and a laser optical field.
The reactions in the first two stages end up reinforcing each other to cause the covalent bonds of the water molecules to be in a state of pre-collapse; after which, these unstable molecules are sent to the laser optical field, where the hydrogen atoms are split from their corresponding oxygen atoms and are finally synthesized as hydrogen gas and steam.
This means that an electric and a magnetic field are established before the bond is broken. The magnetic field is generated using a permanent magnet – thus not requiring any additional energy and the electric field is generated by a laser operating at 532nm wavelength. The latter requires relatively limited power input.
The liberated energy from this process is greater than the energy used to break the weakened bond. This energy gain can best be theoretically described as a similar process observed in low energy nuclear reactions (LENR).
As all these stages happen very quickly, their combined effects to dissociate the water molecules into their element constituents of hydrogen and oxygen atoms require much less energy than electrolysis. The W2H2 system consumes much less electrical energy to produce 1kg of H2 versus 40-55KWh used by traditional methods of electrolysis. The WPP W2H2 power generation system produces 9 times as much energy, while also being able to produce very high volumes of green hydrogen. Furthermore, the cost of the WPP W2H2 green hydrogen fuel is extremely cost-effective (USD 0.33 per 1Kg) - even when the desalination plant that produces a W2H2 fuel generator’s freshwater feed is part of the power plant’s operations. This “low cost” fuel for the W2H2 power plant is just one of the extraordinary advantages compared with fossil fuel fired power plants.
2. - The Power Generation System burns green hydrogen, produces “zero” carbon emission and environmentally friendly water vapor emission with controlled amounts of NOx emission, which is created during the combustion process. It recirculates approximately 15-20% of all gases emitted by the generator, which results in emission reduction even below 100 mg / Nm³, which is less than natural gas. By recirculating the gases using radiation, the flame temperature is reduced with the effect that a more robust and longer lifetime is achieved without loss of thermal power. The water vapour emission then goes into the Earth’s atmosphere, where it undergoes various stages of the Earth’s water cycle - enabling it eventually, in various amounts, to replenish water resources (land and sea). Because this process will be repetitive during the power plant’s operational life time and the green hydrogen production is carried out in real time as needed eliminating any need for storage, this form of power generation can then be considered safe, clean and sustainable.
3. - When fresh water from large lakes or rivers or desalinated seawater is the source of hydrogen, there will be no concern with the security of energy supply as either source is free and available – even more so with seawater, as it is abundant. Furthermore, when fresh water from large lakes or rivers or even from desalinated seawater is the source of hydrogen, there will be no need for supply and transportation agreements with fuel suppliers.
4. - Finally, the W2H2 Power Generation System can utilise either a diesel genset/engine, a compatible gas turbine or a specially developed WPP boiler burner to burn the low-cost green hydrogen gas to produce low-cost electricity for the end-users at a high degree of reliability and availability just as their fossil-fuelled counterparts. They can produce base-load power unlike other green energy power generators such as wind and solar that have variable energy outputs.
WPP is fully capable of providing turnkey services for W2H2 power plant projects throughout the world, as it has numerous partnerships in place with major equipment producers, power plant manufacturers/OEMs and engineering firms.