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PBO-OBS Investor and funding option for SME's and Startups.




PBO-OBS GLOBAL GROUP has special interest in supporting Startup entrepreneurs and SMEs with growth ambitions.

We have a direct and close relationship with a Private Investor, who likes to acquire a minority share position in promising Startups and SMEs. Then depending on the robustness, they will buy shares for EUR 3M to EUR 10M. 



GVI & PBO-OBS Sign a

Strategic Partnership Agreement for Cooperation

Gold Venture Investments (GVI) would like to announce that it has signed an international partnership agreement with PBO-OBS Global Group (PBO-OBS) to bring funding to innovative startups that make use of artificial intelligence as an integral part of their product research and development.

PBO -BVI - Funding Strtups & GRANTS

GVI’s strategy is to target and scout potential innovative solutions based on market  needs/demands and to help governments, municipalities, high-tech parks, global accelerators and the private sector to attract relevant companies to launch their product and establish their entity in relevant markets.


GVI can improve the conversion rate of startups to successfully achieve fund raising as well as expanding these projects into global commercialization. Funding grants ranging from between EUR 3 million and EUR 9 million for a three-year period can be prepared by the GVI team from the Austrian Eco System. Furthermore, GVI can combine these grants with private equity and venture capital from its large portfolio of investors.

PBO-OBS has a client portfolio of projects all over the world seeking funding – from startups to mature companies seeking significant funding. This partnership will enable PBO-OBS to bring funding to companies that it has not previously been able to help.


The program aids startups by expanding networks, testing hypotheses and providing expert feedback. It assists owners entering new markets by familiarizing them with business prerequisites and Austria's operational complexities.

Program Perks:
The program will help you to obtain a business visa and register within Austria.
We participate in events, finalize contracts and attract initial buyers.
Support in fundraising with access to grants up to 9 million EUR over 3 years.

Austria Advantages:
Located centrally in the EU, Austria offers easy access to vital markets like Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France. It fosters startup growth in engineering, construction and agriculture due to its robust infrastructure, resources and full electrification.

GVI and PBO-OBS Global Group specialize in Strategic Consulting & Investment, representing investor groups and funds from Israel, Europe, Asia and the US.

PBO-OBS Global group funding options.








: 10 DAYS



  • Borrower fills out and returns our standard CIS/KYC and Loan Intake forms.

  • Borrower signs our NCNDA and Commission Agreement.

  • Borrower sends all relevant documentation and financials.


GVI & PBO-OBS hold the license for "GVI Austria" and offer support to innovative startups worldwide in securing grants from the Austrian Government for their research and development (R&D) initiatives. Additionally, they assist these startups in exploring alternative financing avenues for their project development.

The Austria Grants ecosystem is an ideal platform for entering the DACH Region, which encompasses Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg - boasting a market size exceeding 100 million. There are more than 41 programs accessible to startups seeking funding, especially those in their early stages aiming to secure grants for the development of their inaugural products, such as AI solutions.


Our primary focus is on startups seeking a minimum of 3 million EUR in capital over a 3-year period, with an annual allocation of EUR 1 million specifically earmarked for research and development (R&D).

This strategy aims to simplify the fundraising process by utilizing public funds, particularly grants from the Austrian Government, to cover up to 70% of the project's financing requirements. This approach is designed to reduce risk for private investors, who will contribute the remaining 30% of the funds, designated for sales, marketing and go-to-market expenses. GVI & PBO-OBS are keen on playing a role in this process and assisting startups in attracting other private investors.

The main services and business activities offered for obtaining grants in Austria are as follows:

1. GVI & PBO-OBS Pre-Evaluation:

Our team of experts will thoroughly review all of the company's documentation and marketing materials, including the Business Plan and Pitch Deck, as an initial step to assess the venture's compatibility within the Austrian market and to determine why Austria might be a suitable entry point. The cost for this service is EUR 2.500 plus VAT.​

2. Business Connections:

If needed, GVI & PBO-OBS can leverage their extensive network to help startups find the right technology partners, universities or clients to enhance their chances of securing grants. The cost is EUR 1.000 (including VAT) plus a 7,5% commission on any revenue generated by the startup in connection with the clients introduced. (Optional)​

3.Funding Management:

Following the pre-evaluation and business connections phase, we will arrange a meeting with our Austrian strategic partner to determine whether to proceed to the funding management phase. During this phase, the company will sign a contract with the Austrian expert and pay EUR 2.040 (including VAT). 

Funding management services include screening for funding opportunities, preparing a funding plan, conducting workshops to develop a comprehensive project description, preparing the required documentation for funding agencies, submitting funding applications, providing guidance and support for project presentations, and offering support and pre-audit of interim reports and final accounts.

Application Start: Once the company initiates the application process, it will receive expert guidance and support. Consequently, the company should be able to secure EUR 6.000 from the Austrian governmental institution. Only upon successful disbursement of this grant will the customer incur a charge of EUR 4.500 (plus VAT).

1. Success Commission: 

The success commission for obtaining the grant amounts to 12,5% of the grant received by the company. This commission will be invoiced in conjunction with an appropriate grant agreement, participation agreement or loan agreement. Half of the performance fee is payable upon invoicing, with the remaining 50% due upon receipt of the initial funding tranche. The minimum success commission, or "floor," is established at EUR 30.000 (excluding VAT).

2. Matching Fund:

To complement private capital from individual investors, the company will enter into a finder's agreement. 

3. Austrian Expert Agreement:

The startup company will enter into an agreement with an Austrian expert, who will guide it throughout the grant application process (as outlined in points 4-7).

4. Subsidiary Formation:

Upon signing the grant agreement, the company is required to establish its subsidiary (GmbH) within three months.

5. Subsidiary Establishment Costs:

The approximate cost of establishing the subsidiary company, inclusive of a EUR 5.000 capital deposit for company operations in Austria, is EUR 5.000, which will include accounting services for one year amount to EUR 300 per quarter and additional EUR 1.500 for the annual report.

6. Joint Venture Option:

The startup company has the option to form a joint venture with Rea Kamberi Consulting GmbH (GVI Austria) for the representation and operation of the startup subsidiary within the Austrian ecosystem, subject to a separate agreement to be signed by the parties involved.

Startups and SMEs seeking funds that wish to send us a funding request can use the Intake Form below.


Neither the information nor any opinion contained in this website constitute a solicitation or a direct offer by PBO-OBS Global Advisory Group. These are solely for informational purposes and reflect the Terms and Conditions of various Third Party Partners with whom we work on a case-to-case basis. These Terms and Conditions may also vary from time to time depending on various factors where we do not have any control or influence and therefore these Terms and Conditions do not represent any final commitment. Clients must be aware of the need to update them and to confirm at the time of project application.

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