PBO-OBS Global Advisory Group has cooperation agreements with top Investment Partners through whom we gained direct access to an extensive global network of internationally accredited financial sources a Private Capital Firm, which is the leading trusted Direct Lender offering Liquidity Requirement Solutions for High Rank Executives and the Ultra-High Net Worth.

Stock Exchange


  • Entire process will take 3 - 14 days maximum.                  

  • Annual interest of only 3%-6%.

  • Loan to Value (LTV) from 40% up to 80% of value of stock.

  • Almost all publicly traded companies in the world are eligible.

  • The stock shares must be in electronic format, paper stock shares are not eligible.

  • The stock shares are kept in a bank custodian account of mutual agreement.

  • The stock shares are never short traded, sold, reassigned, transferred or traded.

  • The stock shares remain in the name of company or client in mutual agreed custodian bank.

  • Minimum loan amount of $1MM up to $500MM+, no maximum.

  • Non-recourse stock loans, no corporate or personal  guarantee required.

  • Only requirement is that the stock must be free trading, not restricted and with a minimum level of trading liquidity of $50K DAILY.

  • Loan term is min. 2 years max. 10 years and can be extended.

  • Loan will be closed via Internet and funds can be disbursed in any currency and free to be transferred anywhere.

  • No restriction whatsoever on use of funds.

  • No borrower requirement. Securities are the collateral. Loan is against stock & securities, not borrower.

  • No buyer qualification required. No credit checks.

  • Loan proceeds to be used for any purpose and not restricted in any way.

  • No ownership transfer of stock or securities.

  • Dividends are paid to stock & securities owner because owner still official owner of record.

  • Simple interest is paid quarterly.

  • Conducting business Globally.

Upon receiving these documents, we assess and then submit. The Investor will then issue an official funding LOI (Letter of Intent involving Summary of Terms and Conditions).

Closing Date:

After a successful due diligence, a formal site visit and confirmation of all documentation is issued. Project funding is estimated at 70-85 days from the execution of this letter and confirmation from our financer and investors bank to pay the total amount or provide a credit line as bank instruments or any alternative for financing.

Due Diligence Period:

It is flexible but generally the due diligence period is 60-75 days.

Interest Rate:

The range of interest rate is between 1 and 4.5%. The exact and final rate will be determined after legal review, due diligence and site visit on a case-by-case basis.

Types of Financing and Investments:

Long Term Loan, Short Term Loan, Public Private Partnership (PPP), Equity Financing, Debt Financing, Line of Credit and all types of alternative financing is available. (This could be negotiable at a Face to Face Meeting and during the process of Site Visit & Due Diligence).


Types of Collateral:
Property, Risk Insurance, Sovereign Guarantee, Bank Guarantee, SBLC, PPA in energy projects, Cash or Savings Accounts, Paper Investments, Investment Accounts, Natural Reserves, Blanket Liens and other. (This matter is negotiable).

 Private Equity 


 Venture Capital