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PBO-OBS Global Advisory Group and its Funding Partners offer an extensive and diverse portfolio of Banking and Financial Services. 

- Trading Financial Instruments.

- Monetisation of Financial Instruments.

- Redeeming & Cashing Savings Bonds and Historical Bonds.

Whenever you wish to buy, sell or monetise Bank Guarantees, Standby Letters of Credit, MTNs, Insurance and Historical Bonds, this can be done swiftly and efficiently through our access to over 30 Top Banks that are linked to some of the leading global financial institutions (including risk Insurance for security collateral) and these services are offered at very competitive rates.

Trading Financial Instruments

PBO-OBS Global Advisory Group can provide Finance Services to Importers, Exporters and Trading Companies around the world, who are looking to expand their business by leveraging their existing cash flow to its maximum.

Currently we offer a wide range of products:

– Letters of Credit at Sight.

– Usance Letters of Credit.

– Standby Letters of Credit.

– Bank Guarantees.

– Performance Guarantees.

– Demand Guarantees.

– POF messages.

– Pre-Advise Message.

– Bank Comfort Letters.

– Ready Willing and Able (RWA) messages.

Monetisation of Financial Instruments

Monetisation of financial instruments is complex and requires a great deal of experience and skill.

Transfer of a financial instrument can only be made electronically through a secure banking system (Swift). Any attempt to transfer in a different way will immediately be "Red Flagged" and reported.

Exemples of legitimate reasons for the monetisation of a financial instruments:

  • Project Funding.

  • Commodities Trading.

  • Financial Instruments Trading.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions.

To submit an application for the monetisation of financial instruments the following is required:

  • Letter of Intent.

  • CIS/KYC on Clients and Corporation.

  • Corporate Board Resolution.

  • An Executive Summary of the project.

  • The Face Value of the Instrument.

  • A full copy of the financial instrument including serial numbers (ISIN) and (CUSIP).

  • A high resolution copy of passport(s) in colour.

  • All documents required for due diligence.


* In case of forged documents or attempted fraud, we are obligated by law to notify the Authorities, which could result in criminal investigation and blacklisting.​

The types of financial instruments we can monetise are as follows:

  • BG – Bank Guarantee.

  • SBLC – Standby Letter of Credit.

  • Block Fund.

  • MTN – Medium Terms Notes.

  • Bank Draft.

  • CD – Certificate of Deposit.

  • Insurance Bonds.

  • Commerce Guarantees.

  • Bonds.

  • Government Guarantees.

  • Sovereign Guarantee.

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

  • Other possible agreements include a Promissory Note, BOT and PPP.

Line of Credit

The expectation for a Line of Credit is:

We can provide a line of credit against a Financial Instrument. The Loan-To-Value (LTV) may be from 60% to 85% of the face value of the instrument, in accordance with the rating bank or issuing financial institution.

Redeeming & Cashing Savings Bonds and Historical Bonds

Our Financial Partners are ready, willing and able to Redeem and Cash Savings Bonds & Historic Bonds. They have signed contracts with the general manager of a qualified bank (a Prime World Bank) in the fields of Monetisation of Financial Instruments, Trade Finance Instruments, Redeeming & Cashing Savings Bonds, and a Financial Institution with over 30 bank sub-categories with considerable experience in this field.

How To Start Working With Us:

We require an official LOI listing all types of bonds your company wants to redeem and cash. We will issue an official letter in return based on your request .